Storing stem cells for life
Customer review from Nejra, Khalid and Baby Hamza, February 2017

As a society we’ve always dreamt of a healthy, disease-free world

One of the bravest moves in that direction has come from stem cell research and therapy. Stem cell therapy is currently being used to successfully treat more than 80 diseases, but the field is rapidly evolving backed by prestigious research and clinical trials.

Smart Cells is the first private UK stem cell storage company to have released stored stem cell units for use in the treatment of children with life-threatening illnesses. We have released the greatest number of
samples for use in transplants from the UK.

We believe with the development of technology in the future we will be able to treat even more illnesses.

We believe our customers deserve the best service available and we run our
state of the art facility with leading professionals in the field.

We believe that storing your child’s stem cells at birth can be a crucial
part of treating or curing an unexpected illness.

We believe that in the future this service should be available to every parent, child and family.

We are a company that is for life.


They serve as a repair and maintenance system for other body cells and the blood and immune systems by multiplying and transforming in to blood, bone, tissue and organ cells, when they are required to. At Smart Cells we store stem cells found in the umbilical cord blood and tissue. These potent cells find their way to injured cells and tissue in the body and begin to replace them.


A cord blood stem cell transplant can be used to replace diseased cells with healthy new cells, and rebuild an individual’s blood and immune system. More recently, cord blood stem cells have been shown to be able to form other tissues in the body such as nerve and bone cells.

Smart Cells were incorporated in July 2000.

Using state of the art technology, we’re ensuring we are a technologically advanced and innovative company in the field. We have released a number of cord blood units for clinical use worldwide and are continuing to do so.


We never forget what the science is being used for – people. Exceptional customer service has been important to us since we started and our founder is still actively involved in the running of the business. We even have a world class advisory board to make sure our focus remains human.


We do not hide any extra costs, such as maternal blood testing or shipping fees. We have plain and simple service plans that inform you of all charges upfront. You can rely on us to make sure that there are no hidden costs.


Smart Cells has stored umbilical cord blood samples for clients around the world. We have collected, exported and imported samples from over 70 countries to date. Based close to London Heathrow airport – we minimise transportation times for customers around the globe.

YouGov Survey

A recent YouGov survey found that almost 8 in 10 parents felt more should be done to educate them about stem cell storage

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We have now released 19 samples of stem cells for clinical use, more samples for transplants than any other private company in the country.

This significant milestone for the private cord blood storage industry highlights the advances being made in stem cell research and puts a spotlight on a service that many parents-to-be are still unaware of.

Smart Cells was the UK’s first private cord blood company and, in its 16 years since the company was founded, has released samples to patients all over the world to treat a variety of conditions including Cerebral Palsy, Thalassemia, Leukaemia and HSV Encephalitis.

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Customer reviews

  • "A stem cell transplant was the only way to save Ahmed! Ahmed is now growing in height and is transfusion and medication free. He loves school and playing with the other kids - he enjoys being just like the other children"

    Mohamed Ahmed December 2008
  • "The service provided by Smart Cells Oman was amazing starting from the day I emailed them first. Fatima Manzoor, Territory Manager, got in touch with me straight away and she was always available to answer any doubts we had. The follow ups were also great and gave us comfort. I thank Smart Cells Oman and Fatima Manzoor for all their help and excellent service and I will surely tell my family and friends about you."

    Mrs. Maisa Al Ajmi & Mr. Ali Al Lawati October 2016
  • "While we are fortunate enough not to have required the use of it yet, I am put at ease knowing that my son and daughter's cord blood cells and tissues are stored with Smart cells. The team in Dubai were always available and friendly whenever I had a query no matter how big or small. I have recommended Smart Cells to a number of friends but it is the reputation and effective client service from Kazal and his team which convinced most of them to sign up with Smart Cells over the any other storage service. I hope no one ever needs to use this "insurance" and for all to be happy and healthy, but if the time comes for its use I know Smart Cells will be able to honestly and effectively assist me and the rest of the families."

    Sally S Yousif January 2017

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Our Partner

Smart Cells is proud to be a Founding Donor to Borne, a collaboration between the Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity and the world class maternity team at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. Premature birth is responsible for over 70% of long term disabilities and deaths in newborn babies. Borne is the first initiative aiming to use groundbreaking research into treatments and education to prevent disability and death in childbirth and improve the lifelong health of mothers and babies.

Led by Professor Mark Johnson, Consultant Obstetrician and Chair of Clinical Obstetrics, Imperial College London, Borne’s aim is to translate this research into healthy new life by developing a greater understanding of the causes of premature birth, how to prevent it and developing treatments to protect the unborn child.

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